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Meet The Maker

Emma Jane

My fascination with beautiful, timeless, handmade things started with a toothbrush, a drop of fairy liquid and a memory of my father standing at the kitchen sink. I must have been five or six and remember so vividly my Daddy talking to me about the beauty of an artist’s work as he gently, meticulously cleaned his most recent acquisition of Meissen porcelain.

I try to capture that same reverence for exquisite, timeless details and artistry in every piece of Cute Couture clothing.

'My girls have been my canvas and my inspiration from the very beginning...I love to include them in my work.'

Luckily my three girls have all loved wearing dresses since before they could walk. They’ve been my canvas and my inspiration from the very beginning. In fact, I love to include them. Nothing brings me greater joy than bringing them into my work, whether it’s chatting about designs, playing with fabric samples or holding a photo shoot.  It’s an absolute dream to be able to combine so many loves.

Any one of them will joke that I am a bit colour obsessed—and I have to admit they’re right. I firmly believe it’s that love for details that also makes every one of our pieces so special and personal.

I’m proud to say that I’m a self-taught designer. It’s been a marvellous adventure so far, and every year I feel more excited and confident about my ideas. When I go to a fabric fair, I feel like a “kid in a candy store.” Surrounded by the colours and textures and patterns, I have to pinch myself that I get to do this for a living.

'Do what makes you happy.'

My parents raised my brother Giles and I to believe if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything and to always follow your dreams.  My husband’s mantra in life is “do what makes you happy”. 

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say I’m following all of their advice.

Emma Jane, Designer and Co-Founder of Cute Couture