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About Us

Giles and Emma Jane

My name is Emma Jane, and together with my brother Giles, we started Cute Couture as a brand that celebrates our love of children and family.

'Cute Couture is a brand that celebrates our love of children & family.'

Our connection to family runs very deep. In fact, Giles and I have worked together most of our professional lives in our family-owned company -- a pioneering leader in the antiques fair market for 40+ years -- before taking the leap into luxury children’s apparel. The lessons we learned in the high end antiques world about uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional quality have all been applied to Cute Couture.

'At the heart of Cute Couture lies a desire to create priceless moments of joy.'

At the heart of Cute Couture lies a desire to create priceless moments of joy. During a very challenging time in my early 20s, a dear friend gifted me a refrigerator magnet that read “You don't remember days ... You remember moments.” This magnet still sits on my refrigerator and is at the core of every design decision we make for our summer and winter collections.

We want to create moments that parents and grandparents can cherish forever — moments that surpass the transient challenges of daily life. In today’s fast paced world, it’s our wish that every time a little girl or boy puts on Cute Couture, they are ready to face the world with a smile, a swish of a skirt, a bounce in their step. That by looking smart, feeling good and having fun, we’ve helped create a moment for the children and their families that is stored in the bank of life’s most treasured memories. 

Our personal experience as parents—Giles and I have four young daughters and a son between us—absolutely inform our clothing collections. We understand the need for quality and craftsmanship that will survive the tumbles, the games, the spilled ice creams that come with childhood. That’s why every piece of Cute Couture is hand-made, fully lined and yes, machine washable. We only use the best available fabrics and ensure that every design goes through multiple samples to ensure the fit and details are perfect. For final production, every piece is hand sewn and hand smocked by a wonderful collective of skilled artisans in the Philippines.

As the final litmus test, our children wear every item to playdates, in the playground and on their grannies’ laps--so we are confident your children will love to wear them too. 

As part of our corporate mission to empower young children, Cute Couture is in the process of opening a foundation that provides training for the local Philippine community.